About RVM Humanitarian Hospital

The RVM Humanitarian Hospital, a unit of FOSA, is one of the leading healthcare NGOs in India and one of its kind in Bangalore and the healthcare industry.

Located on Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, the charitable RVM Humanitarian Hospital is a FREE hospital that provides free medical treatment to the poor and destitute people. It offers quality healthcare services to thousands of needy people. The hospital has its own ambulance and is well-equipped. Run by qualified administrative and medical staff of doctors and nurses, the hospital operates a unique 24/7 helpline number, which is dedicated to the service of the underprivileged. The hospital collaborates with other hospitals in case a patient needs specialised or advanced treatment, raises funds for such treatments, and consults specialists when required.


The RVM Humanitarian Hospital was established in 1998 with the singular aim of “Making a Difference” in the world by “Reducing Pain and Suffering”. It strives to alleviate the suffering of destitute people and offers hope and love to the ailing and those in despair. 

This free hospital has had the good fortune of being blessed by none other than His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, who was deeply moved and touched by the mission of the hospital.

 Inspirational Stories

Alam Khan

28-year-old Alam Khan, a victim of an accident, had a serious injury to his right ear. He was a resident of Calcutta who had come to Bengaluru in search of work. He was employed as a construction worker. He was found lying on a street in Varthur when he was rescued. The injury to his ear was so severe that our doctors suspected complete hearing loss. Medical examinations, however, revealed that he was only able to hear partially, and what he heard was unclear and muffled because of a collection of pus in the ear. He was treated, and once the ear canal was clear, he regained his ability to hear. Alam Khan was extremely happy and relieved that he would be able to resume a normal life. Alam Khan was discharged, and he went back to Calcutta to be with his family.

Mary Stella

Mary Stella was found on the streets of Basvangudi by the RVM Humanitarian Hospital service team. She was sickly and frail, and had a large abnormal growth on her neck. A retired teacher from Coimbatore, she had left home because of a strained and turbulent relationship with her daughter-in-law. Mary Stella was counselled and then treated at the hospital. Her growth, diagnosed as goiter, was surgically removed. After she recovered, contact was re-established with her husband whom Mary Stella dearly missed. Her husband had been extremely worried about her because she had been missing for months. He was overjoyed to know that Mary Stella was safe and healthy. He came to take her back home. It was a very happy family reunion!


Rekha is an acid-attack survivor. Her beautiful face was disfigured and the upper part of her body was burnt and scarred after her husband poured acid over her. Rekha has been undergoing treatment for her scars, including sessions with a plastic surgeon. She has come a very long way. She smiles and laughs and no longer feels lonely or depressed. She is now a residentof the RVM Humanitarian Home, and feels safe and loved. She keeps herself busy with artistic pursuits. She designs and creates jewellery with beads that she sells.


40-year-old Sekhar used to work as a driver, but had to leave his job because of the excruciating pain in his joints that affected his ability to drive. He was depressed when he was admitted at the hospital, but both his treatment and counselling gave him courage, hope and strength. He was treated forrheumatoid arthritis and general debility. His condition improved over a period of time.He is employed again and is now working again as a driver in a private company.

 What We Do


We rescue the sick, abandoned and homeless from the streets of Bangalore. A 24/7-helpline number +91 97395 44444, helps us identify patients/individuals who are in dire need of medical care and emotional support. Our ambulances along with members of our service team pick up such individuals from reported locations. Some of our residents are also sent from other NGO homes, shelters, or even brought to the home by their families who are unable to care for them.


All those who are rescued, referred to us or brought to the home are first admitted at the RVM Humanitarian Hospital for diagnosis and free medical treatment. Whether it is general debility, surgeries, or life-threatening ailments like cancer or TB, each individual undergoes medical investigations to provide the best care and treatment possible. We leave no stone unturned to give every patient a second chance at life and happiness.


Once in our hands, all medical and emotional needs of our patients are taken care of. We provide treatment, counseling, personal attention and emotional support to the patients that pave the way for a gradual but discernable and visible transformation in them. Others are thankful for the free medical treatment and care that they received, which helped them regain their lost health, strength and hope, thereby giving them an opportunity to live a normal life again.


Once our patients regain good health, and are deemed physically and mentally fit, they are shifted to other NGO homes, whether it is a shelter for women, the elderly or for homeless children. Some are sent back to the NGO homes that they were sent from; others are sent back to their villages or homes to be reunited their families. A few continue to be with the foundation as employees or residents at the RVM Humanitarian Home for long-term care.

Our Testimonials

Great service to humanity! RVM Humanitarian Hospital is doing excellent work! They are a great organization and have very high standards of hygiene and quality. Good luck!

Gururaj M

Commendable work by the entire team of the hospital. They pick up people from streets and give them medication, food and shelter. Not seen any kind of hospital who are doing such service.

Vini Roy Chowdhury

Fosa humanitarian hospital. A free hospital for the poor. 

Dr Nidhin Sudhakaran

Due such NGO’s like rvm foundation today India is feeling proud. Lots of orphans and underprivileged children are being educated and getting food today. Hats off to these people who are living for others.

Jiya Khan

Amazing job your team is doing. Good service by the doctors, they are very friendly and motivating. I visited last week and really liked your dedication towards your work. All the best. Keep up the good work.

Ashima Gupta

I am writing this testimonial for just giving my hearty thanks for the entire team of RVM Humanitarian Organisation. You people are providing amazing services for the abandoned people. You gave me a hope, what I can do for the people who have nothing for them. You people not only doing the great job, more than you are living a meaningful life. Humanity is all about coming to rescue at the right moment. 
Thank you soooo much for coming at the right time and giving life for Durai Saamy.

Karthick. S


1. What does the RVM Humanitarian Organisation do?

The RVM Humanitarian Organisation is a non-profit organization that operates in Bangalore. It endeavors to “Make a Difference” in the world through its inspirational, humanitarian and spiritual work. Founded by RVM, a positive-life philosopher and philanthropist, it encourages people to live with purpose and meaning; to Rejoice, Value Life and Make a Difference. Read More

2. What does the RVM Humanitarian Hospital do?

The RVM Humanitarian Hospital is a charitable hospital in Bangalore, a medical NGO, where treatments, tests, medicines, food and hospitalization are FREE. There are no healthcare costs whatsoever. Those who come to the hospital do not have to come with a credit card. The hospital offers free medical care and services to the underprivileged and the abandoned.

3. What is the free healthcare services offered at the RVM Humanitarian Hospital?

The RVM Humanitarian Hospital offers a wide range of free healthcare and medical facilities to the economically impoverished sections of society in Bangalore. Everything from treatment, tests, medicines, food and hospital stay is free. Whether one wants to consult a doctor for a minor ailment such as a cold, or whether one needs treatment for debilitating or life-threatening diseases or even psychiatric support everything is absolutely free

4. What are the various medical wards and departments at the Hospital?

The RVM Humanitarian Hospital operates a free medical clinic, which is open to outpatients and those admitted. It also runs an ICU to give intensive medical treatment to patients in need of emergency care. In addition, it offers the following facilities and free services:

  • Casualty
  • Separate wards for males and females
  • Pediatric ward
  • Specialty wards – Psychiatry, TB, Orthopedics
  • OT for minor surgeries
  • Dialysis, ECG and X-Ray units
  • Physiotherapy
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Counseling

5. What are the types of diseases treated at the hospital?

The RVM Humanitarian Hospital is a hospital with a unique healthcare system and as the name suggests, focuses on charitable, humanitarian and philanthropic work. It is a medical NGO that provides free treatment to all patients, regardless of age, gender, faith, creed, and caste. The hospital’s services range from free tests to surgeries, and postoperative care to rehabilitation. Patients with minor ailments such as cold and coughs and those with critical illnesses such as cancer, HIV and physical injuries, and those suffering from behavioral, psychiatric and emotional problems are treated here. Free medical camps are conducted by the hospital in remote areas where little or no healthcare facilities are available.

6. Does the Hospital have an ambulance service?

Yes, the RVM Humanitarian Hospital has a free 24/7 ambulance service. It operates its own ambulance that rescues patients, often picking them up from the streets of Bangalore, or from slums, shelters and homes. We are also happy to acknowledge and are grateful for the support that our partners and donors have extended to us through donations and aiding us in bringing patients to the hospital.

7. What do you mean by Special Cases or Adopted cases?

Hundreds of destitute patients are admitted to the RVM Humanitarian Hospital every month. Some need minor medical treatment after which they are discharged and sent back home. However, there are a few patients who need prolonged or intensive medical care. Such patients are adopted by the hospital and classified as “Special Cases”. Their condition is monitored closely and treatment is given accordingly, and upon recovery, they are shifted to the RVM Humanitarian Home till they are considered fit enough to be discharged.

8. Does the RVM Humanitarian Hospital conduct medical camps?

For years, the RVM Humanitarian Hospital organized and conducted free medical camps across Bangalore every day of the week except Sundays. 

9. How can I contact or connect with the RVM Humanitarian Hospital?

You can email us at rpas@rvm.co.in You can call us at +91 9739577777/ +9197394 55555
You can also visit us at
#20, Milestone, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

10. How can I help the hospital?

There are different ways to support our humanitarian cause. You can donate provisions, food, medicines, blankets, clothes, mattresses, cots, and medical equipment. You can make monetary donations (cash, cheque, or online donations). You can sponsor patients or even a special meal. You can volunteer time and help cheer patients. If you are a part of the medical fraternity, your skills and support can be of great support to us.

11. How can I work for the RVM Humanitarian Hospital?

We are always looking for dedicated team members who are passionate about social change and helping people. Interested individuals, candidates with medical degrees, doctors, nurses and those with experience in social service can write to us.

12. How many people have benefited through the RVM Humanitarian Hospital?

Till date, thousands of people have benefitted from the free medical healthcare services offered at the hospital. The free distribution of medicines, diagnosis, tests, treatment, hospitalization and rehabilitation has provided essential and critical quality healthcare support to the destitute people. Surgeries for fractures have empowered accident victims to walk again. Those with leg amputations have been provided with prosthetic limbs. Individuals suffering from serious ailments like TB, HIV, and cancer have been given requisite medical attention and medication. Many of the patients have practically been given a second chance at life. They have been able to resume living normal lives. Some of the patients have chosen to be with us after their complete recovery and joined our workforce as employees.

13. How can I donate to the RVM Humanitarian Hospital?

You can Donate Online. For other donation-related queries, please write to donate@rvm.co.in or contact us at +91 9739544444