How Ravi Melwani gave a Home to the Homeless

What does one do after earning millions and millions of Rupees from a thriving business? Invest in a Rolls-Royce, buy a fancy villa on the beach or own a Private Jet? Well, the options are plenty. However, unlike many other millionaires, Ravi Melwani chose to “make a difference” with the many crores of Rupees he had accumulated, the fruits for having worked hard for over 2 decades to set up the Kemp empire consisting of KidsKemp, Big KidsKemp and Kemp Fort.

RVM had reached a phase where he realized that life is not just about making money. There is more to it. RVM looked for meaning and direction in life when he found out that the best way forward is to make a difference”. And there were plenty of abandoned destitute in the streets of Bangalore who could do with a little more of kindness and care in their life.

Ravi Melwani set up the RVM Foundation which actively reached out to the sick, destitute, poor, dying and homeless. They are picked up and brought to the shelters for homeless where they are provided with free medical treatment, food and care.

Some were even small babies who were abandoned by their parents and thrown in garbage bins. But they too found a place to call home, thanks to Ravi Melwani’s Humanitarian Hands.

A dedicated service team scouts the streets of the city, slums and other marginalised areas for people in need. They are identified, picked up and brought to the shelter homes. Ravi Melwani’s Foundation even has a helpline number – 97395 44444 that invites anyone with a sense of social responsibility to call and inform the Foundation whenever they spot a destitute who is sick, injured or needs help.

Once the residents are well enough and can be accommodated at other NGOs and shelter homes for poor, they are rehabilitated. This way, Ravi Melwani believes that we can cater to the ones suffering the most and reduce their pain with all the required care and medication. There are others are given employment in the organisation where they get to be part of the efforts. And some of them are also reunited with their families, just when the family loses all hope of finding their loved one.

Inspired by Ravi Melwani’s humanitarian initiatives, many magnanimous donors have come forward to help support the initiative with cash and kind donations.

With a philanthropic visionary, founder and chairman, a motivated team of service providers, with the backing of many benevolent supporters – Ravi Melwani’s humanitarian initiative in Bangalore has come a long way. This very moment over 600 individuals are given free shelter, free food and care. And this is how Ravi Melwani, the brains behind KidsKemp and Big KidsKemp, went ahead to provide a home for the homeless!

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