Ravi Melwani – The Man who brought Fantasy Land to India

For anyone who grew up in Bangalore around the 90s, there was but one fantasy land – Big KidsKemp brought to life by Ravi Melwani. This was one place in the country where you could not just wave at Mickey, but shake hands with him, shop with him and get a snapshot clicked. And Mickey


How Ravi Melwani gave a Home to the Homeless

What does one do after earning millions and millions of Rupees from a thriving business? Invest in a Rolls-Royce, buy a fancy villa on the beach or own a Private Jet? Well, the options are plenty. However, unlike many other millionaires, Ravi Melwani chose to “make a difference” with the many crores of Rupees he


Ravi Melwani and his Life Transforming Journey

Ravi Melwani was an innovative and dynamic retailer who revolutionized traditional retailing in India through his mega-stores Kids Kemp and Kemp Fort. He then moved on to become a vibrant philosopher, poet, singer, inspirational speaker and author. Ravi Melwani took his first step towards turning a new leaf when he realized that there is more