There are thousands of people around us who live a poverty-stricken life. Not only are they deprived of the simple comforts of life, but even basic amenities and essentials like clothes, food and healthcare. Some of them, including the elderly and the physical or mentally challenged, have been abandoned on the streets of Bengaluru, left to fend for themselves.

The poor and the homeless, however, need our empathy more than our sympathy; they need action, and they need help from people like us ‑ you and me ‑ to bring joy back into their lives.


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That is why with an aim to make a difference in this world by reducing pain and suffering around us, the RVM Humanitarian Home and RVM Humanitarian Hospital, was founded in 1998 by RVM ‑ a renowned philanthropist, positive life philosopher, author, speaker, motivator and singer.

RVM Humanitarian Hospital and Home has established a charitable hospital and a transit home in Bangalore, where medical care, shelter and food are provided to the downtrodden members of our society absolutely free of cost.

After realizing that there are many organizations wanting to run charitable homes for the poor and destitute but are unable to do so due to business commitments and lack of time, RVM Humanitarian Home has taken the initiative to manage such homes on behalf of these groups.

A 24×7 Medical Helpline number 97395 44444, keeps buzzing with calls from various parts of Bangalore city, informing our service team about people on the streets who are in need of medical treatment and shelter. Once informed about such a case, the hospital service team reaches out to help them in an ambulance and necessary medical treatment and care is given to them at the RVM Humanitarian Hospital and Home.

RVM Humanitarian Hospital and RVM Humanitarian Home have been actively engaged in humanitarian initiatives for the past 18 years, working towards helping the poor and making a difference in the lives of thousands of needy people.